Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2)

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins (This may have minor spoilers. Nothing huge though...) So, for some reason, this book took six months to get to me from the library... i'm a bit miffed about that, but whatever. i have it now so it's all good.So, friends of mine at school were talking about this book and i kept having to cover my ears because i did NOT want to know what happened xDSo i decided i'd better read it...And holy cow... i had forgotten how freakin amazing these books were.So, first off, i would definitely read the first one, well, first because there is little to no backtracking. And second... team Gale........ Anyway, now that that's been covered.Wow. So, i didn't think Suzanne Collins would be able to top the drama and excitement that was the Arena battle in the first book. I thought this one was going to be a bit, well, slow and not live up to the first one......Yeah i was wrong... of course...I think i prefer this one to the first one, quite frankly. It has all the drama of a love triangle (*coughteamgalecough*) and all the excitement that is the Arena battles. "What?" you say? Another Arena battle?Yes. Because President Snow, the President of the oppressive government, isn't so happy about Katniss's stunt with the poison berries. So when the time for the next Arena battle comes, he announce that the contestants will be previous winners.*cue dramatic music*Yeah, so Peeta and Katniss are back in... but this time, the fact that Katniss has possibly started a rebellion could work for... or against... her.It was amazing, truly, i really love the Arena battles. I love how Suzanne Collins isn't afraid to create a character that everyone loves... and then brutally kill them... I think one of my new favourite characters is Finnick, one of the former winners. He gives a bad first impression but in reality, he's awesome =)But yes, excellent characters, the drama was top notch, it was as faced paced as the first book (and in my opinion better)Oh and District 13. It's significant.