Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate My best friend comes to me and says 'omg have you read Fallen?' my reply is no... because i hadn't, and she responds, 'well you need to! because... i can't tell if it's any good or not...'...*blinkblink* you can't tell if it's good or not? What? That confused me quite a bit.Until i read this book...*Sigh* and then i realised that i had no idea if it was good or not. I got halfway through still completely confused, mildly intrigued but really mostly bored.So i had to think about this book a great deal, and came to the conclusion that, really, it's not a great book.Luce has what i've come to refer to as 'The Bella Complex,' meaning, her life revolves around the guys she might get in her bed. I mean, really, she has very little distinguishable personality. I found myself wishing the book were about the first girl she met at the school (whose name escapes me, but i think it's Ariana or something of the sort.) because she was a fiery character who was interesting. Not so much Luce, who whined about the guy who died a few months before that she really didn't even know.and then the big twist wasn't... so... exciting.Oh, they're angels.*sigh*and what? Reincarnation? Hello Immortals series? (another series i have to say i really don't like)This entire book seemed so very contrived. An awkward love triangle that makes absolutely no sense. Supernatural elements that were totally cliche and, to be honest, quite a bit boring, and a main character that just plain irritated me the entire book.So, yeah, not my favourite read ever. Not in the least.