Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3)

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) - Suzanne  Collins Disclaimer: This review will most likely contain SPOILERSThe Hunger Games trilogy are probably one of the most popular trilogies right now, with a fanbase that rather reminds me of Twilight (oh, I am so sorry, but this isn't the only Twilight comparison i'm making for this review). The reasons why? Well, they're good. The first two were spectacular, brilliant, absolutely amazing.However, the first two took place mostly inside the Hunger Games themselves, and in those environments, Collins' writing thrived and Katniss was a beautiful and strong character. Take Katniss out of the games, though, and you find yourself with a selfish character with a Bella Swan complex. Yes, i said it. Katniss is just as bad as Bella Swan when it comes to the ever present decision of Gale or Peeta. She's selfish and leads them both on and never chooses. All she ever does throughout the course of this book is complain. Complain about her job. Complain about The Capitol. Complain that she has to be the Mockingjay. Complain about Gale. Complain about Peeta. Complain. Complain. Complain. She was just infuriating, plain and simple. The writing in this book was as good as always, Suzanne Collins is truly a good writer. I just can't get over the fact that the ending of this book was terrible, simply terrible. It was cliche and predictable in every possible way. I called every event in the last 75 pages (except for a certain bomb. I did not predict that, however in the end it was foreshadowed enough to be obvious). Characters died that really did not need to die. Ok, i tried to dance around this without spoiling but HERE IS A SPOILER.Why on earth would she kill off Finnick? What did that gain? If it had been a sign that people care for Katniss, then it failed because she NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT. Katniss never gave Finnick's death a passing thought after it happened. She just continued on without another thought of him, and that offended me because Finnick was a wonderful character who seemed to be killed without reason. To be honest, this book just disappointed me. I had such high hoped for it because the past two have been so so good. But this just turned out to be a cliche ending with yet another pathetic love triangle. The ending was poor and predictable. Even when things were starting to click together and form what was supposed to be this epiphany for Katniss... i felt like i already knew what was going to happen.I wanted this book to be so good... but it just left me disappointed and yelling dammit! at the pages. It had so much potential, but in the end just came out like a bad YA novel. And i hate that i feel this way but Katniss just failed in the end. She failed to inspire me as the Mockingjay, and she failed to be a good strong character. . It had potential, and parts of it was brilliant. The ending just killed it for me.