My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Series #1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent ....I kept hearing about how amazing this was but... it was so boring =I mean, the concept had potential for awesome but the themes were so cliche...Not very popular girl... living under her best friends shadow, meets hot-popular-slightly 'bad boy'... bad boy likes girl but girl can't imagine why.... yay....Is it bad that i'm just so tired of that? I feel like that theme is being so overdone these days....I mean there were some cool things about it, the reapers and the bean sidhes [banshee's:]... they were cool.But it was so bland... it was all so... flavourless. I didn't get attached to any of the characters during the entire book. I couldn't care less when any of them died because i really didn't LIKE any of them at all... Nash was ok... but i didn't see anything original in him. He was just another hot guy... i dunno, maybe my standards are getting too high? Maybe i was too busy seeing the bad in this book?... I just didn't really enjoy it... It might be a matter of personal opinion right now.Because the otherwordly parts were really cool. i liked those parts. I just didn't like it any time the 'real world' stepped in. Because those parts were always rather cliche.So... i dunno... it just didn't do it for me... maybe the second will be better.