Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie

Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie - Maggie Stiefvater So, i would have had this read and reviewed a good... umm... three weeks earlier if my mom hadn't snatched it and read it herself.... ^_^[She's reading Lament next, then Shiver:]Anyway, i was excepting nothing less than awesomeness in this sequel to Lament, and nothing less than awesomeness is what i got!!I am obviously a huge fan of all the Maggie Stiefvater has written thus far [and i enjoy spelling her last name. it gives me pleasure. Stievfater. Stiefvater. it's fun:] and i was excited when i realised that this book was about characters in the previous book [James & Deirdre:]Now, i have this lovehate relationship with when authors write sequels in a new point of view but include the past main character. Love because i always find it awesome to get a different take on the character. Hate because... there's a different take on the character.See, because you're seeing Deirdre from James' point of view, you're seeing a girl that's rather different than the one you got in your head from Lament.Not that that's bad. I quite liked that in this context because it enhanced the story.So, with that said, this one was in James & Nuala's point of view [Nuala being a faerie muse who imparts her inspiration on her chosen... and then proceeds to steal years of their lives away to keep herself alive. and yes. that is totally awesome.:]What progresses is a story full of faerie brutality, music, ingenuity, wit, sarcasm, and over all, well, awesomeness. In the words of my mom, "These fairy's are me-e-a-an."lol.There was not a single thing i can find that was wrong with this. [y-a-a-a-a-y ^_^:] It was fresh, dark, romantic, poetic and all the things i've come to expect, look forward to, and overall enjoy in Maggie Stiefvater's books.Wait.. no.... i miss Luke *sad face* I was kind of hoping he'd make a small appearance *sigh* that was the one little thing that depressed me.At first i wasn't a huge fan of James. He irritated me at first [though... i think he was kind of supposed to...:] but after a few chapters he grew on me and i loved him more. I really liked all the chapters in Nuala's point of view [absolutely AMAZING name ^_^:] I don't think i've read many books where there are chapters in the fey's point of view. Though, her slight humanity made her less wild and unruly, but dangerous none the less. The duel chapters & text messages from Dee scattered throughout the book really made this one spectacular. Truly it was. The way music is incorporated and used is phenomenal as well. I love it.I now greatly look forward to Linger. ^_^ *greatly* look forward.