Carpe Corpus (Morganville Vampires Series #6)

Carpe Corpus - Rachel Caine So, i freakin love this series. In my opinion they top just about every vampire series out there. That said, i realise that this book came out about two months ago. I know... i know because i bought it the day it came out.It's not that it took me two months to read a 200 page book. It's just that if i own a book i do not read it. I don't know why. And it bugs me. But it's the sad truth.That said, this was, of course, excellent. It was probably the first Morganville book i've read that had an ending that didn't make me want to toss the book across the room (darn.. i actually own this one so i could toss it if i needed too!) So, there's a plus people, it ends well for once!This one picks up right where 'Lords of Misrule' left off (and it will be so embarrassing if i'm wrong...)Mr. Bishop has complete control. Both Claire and Michael are his errand boys (... girl in Claire's case.) Shane ad his dad are in prison. Amilie's MIA, and it's all looking pretty much completely hopeless.Which, you know, i love! Bring on the hopelessness!There's always a highlighted character for me in books and usually in this series it's Michael and Eve (cause they're probably my favorites. ever.) but i have to say Myrnin was my favorite in this one =DHe's just so awesome! Gotta love a completely insane vampire! Aaaanyway, i'm way excited for the next book in the series Fade Out. I'll totally buy it... (And read it!!!!.... >.>) I really wish i could read Rachel Caine's other series, the Weather Warden series but i can't find the first one anywhere = .... ohh well, i'm content with Morganville =D5/5 Stars, as deserved. Really i can't think of a single thing wrong with it. Oh, and favorite line? "Now, now," he chided her. "Where's your sense of adventure?""Off on a beach somewhere with your sanity?..."