Fire  - Kristin Cashore This actually took me a long time to read. I kept hearing about 'omg it's better than Graceling!' but at the beginning i wasn't feeling it...Buuut laterrr it gets so awesome and, yes, i now can see how it was better than Graceling.It was definitely more mature than Graceling, so i found [note though, it's been a good year since i've read it so my remembrances of Graceling are a tad sketchy:] the characters were more rich with so much background.I have to say, i was torn the entire book between Archer and Brigan... because both of them reminded me of some of my other favourite characters. I loved Archer's hot tempered jealous ways and Brigan's quiet, strong personality. [Though... if we're going by looks... then definitely Brigan ^_^:]I loved Fire, but found her to be a little whiny sometimes. I would have preferred if she was just a tad bit stronger. Really the only part where she just really irritated me was when she was crying because she'll always be pretty [all right, love, just shut up:] Besides that though, she was a very good heroin with really pretty hair. [yes... it's all about the hair:]In Fire as well as Graceling, something that keeps that books alive are the beautiful setting. The story though, i love the plot. The kingdom torn to pieces by the previous insane king and his monster advisor, and now those left to deal with the mess are his sons [not insane:] Nash and Brigan and the monster advisor [Cansrel's:] daughter, Fire.I loved how everything unfolded in the end. it was spectacular, kinda like a flower opening. How everyone connected to each other in the end... it was awesome.Though... i wish she hadn't cut off the final battle... *sigh* oh well, there was plenty of action in the gala scene to suffice.I really couldn't choose between the two books because they're very different, but i love them both. They both beautifully written and have fantastic worlds.