So Silver Bright

So Silver Bright - Lisa Mantchev I know what you’re thinking; Emily, this is the last book of one of your favourite series’ why are you just now reading it? You had it literally the day it came out. BECAUSE REASONS. (Actually, I got it right when school picked up so it got set aside and then I refused to acknowledge that the trilogy was ending so I put it off even longer WHAT CAN I SAY) B-but really, what caaaan I say? This was absolutely sublime. Italics for emphasis. (Can we take a second to note in amusement that I, as someone who is fond of incredibly dark things - is incredibly fond of this very sparkly trilogy? :3 Notes? Okej, carrying on.) I also kind of adore that it doesn’t matter how long I waited before I finally worked up the courage to read this book, I still vividly remembered everything that happened in the last two books (and that’s… that’s not something that happens often with me. I read so much that a lot kind of gets stored away so I usually forget important plot points while waiting for books to come out.) As always, this was the enchanting blend of cupcakes, magic, steampunk, and theatre. It has one of the only YA love triangles I actually really like, and easily one of my favourite YA heroines ever. The books inclusion of classic characters (Ophelia, Ariel, ect.) is still easily one of my favourite things ever (it’s basically all my favourite shakespeare characters what can I saaaaay). I’m just ridiculously happy with how the series all ended with Bertie’s quest to reunite her family and escape Sedna, the sea witch. (albeit we probably all know who I shipped and that’s all I will say on the matter). I adored every piece of magic used and this is probably one of my favourite examples of elemental magic ever. (Elemental magic is so easy to misuse? And it’s used to brilliantly here and I love it a lot) I also feel like the progression of magic in the trilogy was beautifully handled, the growth was obvious in a lot of ways (particularly in Bertie’s character progression). So, even though it means CONCEDING THAT I’VE FINALLY FINISHED THE TRILOGY I adored every moment of this book and this series and I’m just really happy right now (but also sad and I think I need to cry for a month because… because reasons….)