Sisters Red

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce I am always up for a good fairy tale retelling, they’re kind of my favourite thing. This was a good one, quick, fun, enjoyable. The premise being the story of what happened to the girl in Red Riding Hood (or, in this case, the two sisters), after their Grandmother was attacked and killed by a werewolf (called the Fenris, in this case). I loved the duelling narrations between the sisters. Scarlett and Rosie both had distinctive voices. Scarlett, the scarred, battered, one eyed hunter. And Rosie, the younger sister who lives in her sister’s shadow - she hunts, but she’s not driven like Scarlett and she wonders if there’s something more to life. The plot was good - less plot drive and more character driven. The basis of the plot was that Scarlett, Rosie, and their woodsman friend, Silas, move to the city to better hunt the Fenris who are all gathering, searching for the Potential - the human boy who during a window of time can be bitten and turned. The battle scenes were rough, they happened too quickly and it was usually difficult to tell what was going on during them. Mostly the book dealt with the two sisters - who had been so close that they were convinced they shared a heart - dealing with their ideals slowly turning against each other. The emotional side of the story was handled well - it was what drove the story along. Scarlett’s voice was easily my favourite - Rosie got the romantic side of the plot so obviously I was drawn to the driven hunter. Also, sibling narratives are some of my favourite things. So, yeah this was just a good, light book all in all.