The Outlaws of Sherwood

The Outlaws of Sherwood - Robin McKinley I admit, I struggled with finishing this one. I kept having to say to my mom 'it's not bad, but, I don't know...' To be honest, I do know that a part of my dissatisfaction with this book was that I'd just finished the King Raven trilogy and comparatively this one does fall a little flat as a Robin Hood retelling. That said, it was a good book despite it's flaws. Mostly, it’s flaws were that it was dry. I realise that this might just be Robin Mckinley’s writing but then I remembered that she wrote Sunshine so, no, that’s not it at all. The characters had a tendency to feel very lifeless with sparks of life every so often. It made for an interesting read because I would keep waiting for those sparks of life - and they did come it was just slow in coming. I mean, this was a good take on Robin Hood. I really did like it, I just didn’t like it’s set up. The scene in the very beginning when Marian and Much were convincing Robin to live in the forest seemed so forced. Once we got through the forced introduction the story began to settle into itself and admittedly the second half is much better than the first - it just had a really really rocky start.I appreciated all of the female characters that were added in to Robin Hood’s band. I loved her take on Marian’s involvement with everything and how basically everyone was a better archer than Robin himself. She removed the mysticism from the story and showed it more as a deconstruction. Showing a barer story that could perhaps be what the more mystical stories draw from. I enjoyed the book in the end, though. The ending wasn’t the most satisfying ending to a book ever, but it sufficed. Basically, I feel like I just really liked the middle up to the very last chapter. So my feelings generally are pretty mixed because I didn’t mislike the book, it just did have some flaws that are difficult to overlook.