The Calling (Darkness Rising Series #2)

The Calling - Kelley Armstrong I have come to the conclusion that Kelley Armstrong is one of my preferred YA urban fantasy writers out there right now. Her books are just really good. I still haven’t finished the Darkest Powers trilogy, but I have the third book so I’ll get to it. Admittedly, I do like that trilogy a tad more than this one (what can I say, I prefer necromancers to shapeshifters), but this one is no less good. Taking place immediately where the last book left off, Maya and her friends are fleeing from a forest fire in a helicopter. Scared and confused from being attacked by supposed ‘rescuers,’ Maya and her friends encounter problems while in the helicopter which leads to the helicopter crashing - stranding them in the forest. The book mainly deals with the group trying to make their way back to civilisation all while being trailed by these mysterious rescuers who very obviously do not want to rescue them. From the previous book we learned that Maya is actually a skin-walker, but in this book it’s shown that she might not be the only genetically altered teen on the island (aside from Rafe and Annie, obviously). Not a great deal actually happened in this book to move the plot forward, which was a strange move. Yet, it worked. I felt like we got to know the characters better amidst the problem they were faced with. Maya is a great protagonist. I’m not a huuuge fan of shape shifting/shape shifter plotlines, so I wasn’t sure I would initially like this trilogy as much because of that, but I like Maya and Rafe and Daniel so much that I don’t really mind that so much. Rafe, for reasons that I won’t say because of spoilers, wasn’t really in this book as much. Which actually was a great move because it took romance pretty much out of the picture. Which is fantastic because these kids were in a survival setting and having Maya hung up on Rafe during that would have bothered me, but thankfully that was not the case. I also really appreciate what is happening with Maya and Daniel. So many YA authors would turn this into a love triangle, but that’s obviously not what is happening here, thank the lord. I just really like how Kelley Armstrong treats her characters and relationships. I really like her books. This was a good second book, not the best of the series (which is now looking like a continuation of the Darkest Powers trilogy), but it was good.