Hex Hall

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins I am about 90% certain that Rachel Hawkins fell under the very same Hex curse that has befallen myself and so many others. The curse in which one watches the British television show Hex and then somehow finds themselves writing a supernatural boarding school trilogy. It happened to me. It obviously happened to her as well. I don't know if I can find any information to confirm my suspicions, but i'm pretty certain that I'm correct. This book was actually kind of perfect in a kind of strange way. I read it in one sitting, breezed right through, couldn't put it down actually. It was pretty simply written. First person which we all know is not my favourite, but i actually really liked Sophie and felt like i knew her as a character, which isn't something that usually happens in first person POV books. Sophie is a witch with some problems, any time she does a spell something usually goes pretty wrong. So, she's sent to Hecate Hall, AKA. Hex Hall, the school where those with magic (witches/warlocks, shifters, werewolves, and faeries) are sent to keep them out of the way until their eighteenth birthday where they can be trusted to not reveal themselves to any humans. Sophie, a social pariah in the human world - just so happens to be something of a social pariah in this world as well, especially when she's placed as a roommate with the only vampire in the school. A vampire whose last roommate died under suspicious circumstances the year prior. Parts of this book were actually really cliche. Sophie is kind of awkward, the trio of pretty witches at first try to get her to be a part of their coven, but then become nasty when she turns them down, Sophie develops a crush on school heartthrob Archer (but he just so happens to be dating the leader of the witch trio, Elodie), and so on and so forth. Strangely though, i didn't care at all. While reading it all I could think was, 'wow, these are themes i've seen done a million times before, but i really really like them being done in this way.' Like, usually characters like Archer get on my nerves because they come across as trying too hard to be aloof and nonchalant and just ~*so attractive*~, but in this book i actually genuinely really liked him. He was a good character. And i'm usually really bothered by the 'mean girl' trend, but i dunno i really liked how it was worked into this book. Then, of course, when more mysterious near deaths occur that all point to Sophie's roommate, she's really the only one that believes otherwise and works to find out. Which is a nice thing, especially after she's told that she's potentially the strongest witch ever (though she doesn't see it herself, as she's pretty terrible with magic during this book). I just... really loved this book a whole lot. The ending was actually brilliant and actually perfect. It was what basically confirmed, oh yes, this author watched Hex, this author is one of us. So maybe there's a little bit of bias there too? I can't hate a book when I'm pretty much certain that it was inspired by the same brilliantly terrible show that inspired one of my books as well. But no, this was actually just a really great read. I've got the other two lined up to read and I'm probably going to start immediately.