Ruined - Paula Morris I'd had my eye on this book for quite some time after seeing it at the bookstore. The cover is both appealing and intriguing at the same time and i hoped that the story inside would be the same. Safe to say i wasn't disappointed. Now, i'm not a girl whose favourite place in the world is the South. The last ghost story i read that was set in New Orleans was not one that i enjoyed a great deal. Of course, that one was written for a different audience and was based in a very different part of New Orleans. This story was about an outsider to New Orleans. Rebecca is from New York and enjoys living there quite a bit and is hardly pleased when she's shipped off to New Orleans to live with her aunt (who's not really her aunt) while her father is away on business. When Rebecca goes to school she is confronted with a society that is quite unlike what she is used to back home. The families here are old and close, they don't allow outsiders and they have their own dark secrets. Secrets that Rebecca becomes a part of when she goes into the cemetery one night and runs into a ghost. Through Aurelia, her younger cousin, Rebecca learns about the old families of New Orleans and the whispers or a curse. Things become stranger when Lisette tells her of her gruesome death and how it is connected to these families, and in the end Rebecca is involved in ways that she never would have realised. Making things even more complicated is the attention that Anton, one of the boys from these old houses, is giving her.The book was an excellent tale of murder and curses and voodoo and hauntings. I really enjoyed it. There were a few moments where i cringed a bit at the dialogue (alas, sometimes i cringe at high school banter. it is true) but i found it to be an engaging story and really ended up liking this book a whole lot. I also liked Rebecca a great deal more than i thought i was going to at the beginning. She remains very detached from everything at the beginning of the story (due to her sudden uprootment from her home) and i was unsure about how much i would be able to connect with her. However, when Anton comes along and Rebecca remains quite sure in the head i decided that i quite liked her (basically, after one good paragraph about Anton's appearance, that was all. We didn't have to appear how attractive he looked every other page. i really appreciated that as i do get sick of having the protagonists swoon over their romantic interests.) She was a good solid character and spent the entire book working to figure out the puzzle that was this New Orleans ghost story. An all around enjoyable read that was engaging and interesting.