The Replacement

The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff Well, this was a pleasant surprise for a book that i knew literally nothing about when i picked it up. I do love when that happens. This was also a very nice and intriguing take on faerie changelings. It was definitely not the kind that i have ever encountered before and i quite enjoyed it.What i really enjoyed was Mackie, the main character. For one thing, can we please have more guys in the YA paranormal genre? I mean, i know it's a thing for the main characters to be girls, but really having it from a different side was like a breath of fresh air (or a breath of really dank, decaying air as would be from the story... anyway...) and Mackie was absolutely sublime. Like, this was a first person book (yes i'm reading a lot of those lately...) and i felt like i actually got into his character and ended up really liking him.The story is based around the town of Gentry, a small town with a rather dark story. Every seven years a child is taken and in it's place is put a 'replacement.' Mackie is one of those replacements, one of them that survived anyway. Most of them die not long after they are put in the human's house, their intolerance to metal poisoning them. Mackie knows what he is, he knows that he's not really human and that the real Malcolm Doyle is long gone, but Mackie has learned to live a normal life. Well, normal enough for someone who literally cannot stand the sight of blood and can't touch anything iron. However, Mackie's intolerance is getting worse and worse and the strange bassist of the local band tells him that he's actually dying. On top of that it's the seventh year and Tate, one of Mackie's friend's little sister was the child that was taken. Mackie is taken to the House of Mayhem, the underground society of... well... dead things. Half of the fey of Gentry, the good half in a sense as they are not the ones demanding this blood sacrifice. The House of Mayhem is ruled by the Morrigan, a little girl who spends her time with her dead girls. The other House is ruled by the Lady, the Morrigan's sister and a cruel fey who demands the seven year blood sacrifice in order to give the town prosperity.... of a sort.... What i simply adored about this book (besides the dark tone and the dead girls. Seriously, i loved the revenants. They were one of my favourite parts.) was that both Mackie AND Tate (girl love interest) were good characters. Tate in her own right would have made a fantastic main character. This book could be rewritten from her point of view and still be pretty much fantastic. She didn't sit idly by while her sister was stolen, no, she went to the first person she thought would help her, the first person that probably wasn't human. Actually, there wasn't a particular character that i wasn't fond of. I'm actually really hoping that there will be more books set in Gentry because even though the end resolution basically closed the story, i feel like there's still room for more. I want more about the dark and creepy fey that reside in Gentry.I kind of adore this book. It was basically one of the most perfect YA faerie related books i've read yet. It was dark, it was creepy, it had a male protagonist who was interesting and intriguing, it had basically everything i want from a YA book. It even had zombies. more or less ;)