Hourglass - Myra McEntire Time travel, not really a subject that is being touched as much in paranormal YA these days, and i admit, i was unsure about this book when i started it. The story intrigued me but i admit that right off the bat i couldn't tell if i liked Emerson or not. This yet another first person book, and i was met with the problem that i frequently have with first person books. For the longest time i could not like Em because i felt like i wasn't getting to see any of her real personality. Every time the author tried to give us things that she was into they seemed offhand and kind of there only so we might attempt to better understand the character. Now, granted, about a quarter of the way through i actually get to see enough of Em's character and i grow to like her.To be honest though, this book gave me mixed feelings the entire time. I enjoyed it, and the second half was significantly better than the first half. However, i felt that too much time was spent on talking about how attractive Michael was... I mean, i can grasp that in about the first paragraph, i don't need to be reminded every few chapters that he's good looking. By then i've got a good enough picture in my head and don't need constant reminders. However the premise of the book was enjoyable, it just had that YA tint that i've grown to be irritated by. That little bit that focuses just a bit too much on romance and just not quite enough on plot. Now, granted, again, by the second half this had been dropped and i was thoroughly enjoying the book, but during the entire first half i thought about just giving up and not finishing.The idea of time travel in this book is really cool, and they even had an X-men kind of deal going on with Hourglass. I appreciated that it actually did make sense in a roundabout way. There were times when it was obvious things were being glossed over for fear of opening a wide plot hole, but more or less the time travel basically didn't leave me utterly confused (they also referenced Doctor Who, earning instant cool points from me) I liked that Emerson could travel backwards and Michael could travel forwards (aww, so cute, so cute) I also liked all the other different skills that were shown with the other characters ( though i wished more had been done with them. i suppose that will be for future books)There were moments though, where it was AWESOME. Like, i was really into the story and the characters, and then there were moments where i was literally cringing and the dialogue and the things that were being said. Because every so often something would be said that was entirely not believable and i would wince.All in all, though, this was a fairly decent read. Not spectacular, not terrible. I enjoyed and read it in a few hours on my phone. I'll definitely read the next instalments because like i said, the second half caught my interest far better than the first half did.