Spy Glass

Spy Glass - Maria V. Snyder First off, if any of you were not aware, Maria V. Snyder is one of my favourite authors ever. The Study series is literally one of the best series' I have ever read, i love them a lot. This week seems to be the week for me reading the final books in trilogies, as this is the final book in the Glass trilogy. Now, I'll admit, I didn't like the Glass trilogy as much as the Study series (I connected better with Yelena than Opal... and I much preferred Valek over Kade) however, the writing won me over. I just adore this world. I'm so pleased that she used one of my favourite strategies in writing, which would be: write a series about one character and during that introduce another character that you'll use as your main character in the second series. That way you can still use your old main characters and they're not gone forever. Tamora Pierce would do this as well and I've always adored it because that way the reader got to see some of their old familiar favourites (aaand... i got a lot more Valek... *cough* wait, I mean what?) In the beginning of this book, i wanted to strangle Opal for the amount of moping she was doing over losing her glass magic. Granted, when Valek came into the picture on the third page, i was less worried about Opal (he's one of my favourite characters ever. don't judge) but still, it felt like for the first half of the book she never accomplished anything. I loved the return of the characters. Janco and Nic and Eve (YES AND VALEK....) Basically, let me be honest, I liked Ixia way more than Sitia (SHUT UP.) which is actually kind of funny because i'm a person that likes magic users more. Ixia just always intrigued me a bit more than Sitia did in previous books. I warmed up to Sitia by the end of this book, as i felt like we got to see a whole lot of it as Opal does her running about. In the end, this was my favourite of the three Glass books. The plot was ridiculous. It took so many turns and so many people weren't actually who they said they were and by the end i think i flew threw the last two hundred pages in an hour. Good Lord, the last two hundred pages are fantastic. The climax was absolutely brilliant and blood magic is effectively one of the most terrifying forms of magic i have encountered in a book yet. It is legitimately a terrifying concept all together. The romance progression was slightly weird to me, i felt like it didn't always make sense with the characters. However the ending result was perfect, so i can't say that I mind too much. Another thing I loved was that even for all her moping and self pity, I really liked Opal because she was actually a really strong character. She was proof that you can have a female protagonist who has feelings and still is a strong character. I mean, let's face it, she moped a lot. But in the end she did something about it and she did something about the problems that her moping inevitably caused. I actually really liked Opal by the end of all of this, I was always a little unsure about how I felt about her at first, but in the end I really liked her. And I have to note, Maria V. Snyder is proof that first person writing can be good and that the characters can still have personality through the writing style. Because a lot of first person books these days the characters seem lost within that first person style, but these books are the way to do it effectively. 4/5 stars. can i just say that the fact that Valek had such a prominent role in this book made me really really happy? yes? ok :)