The Demon's Surrender (Demon's Lexicon Trilogy)

The Demon's Surrender - Sarah Rees Brennan All right. I just need to put out a warning that this will probably be a fangirling mess. Most likely. I probably will attain none of my usual semi coherence while attempting to write this review. Guys. Guys. This book. My Feelings. All of the feelings. Guys. All of the feelings.I have never had a book that has had me screaming at it on one page, giggling on the next, kicking my legs like a little girl on the page after, and then near tears on the page after that. ALL. OF. THE. FEELINGS. I keep making myself stop and take deep breaths. I got the book in the mail yesterday and finished it this morning. I couldn't stop. I paid the floor a few visits while reading this book because in all seriousness, sometimes i just become so emotional that sitting is no longer an option. With that said. I guess you all know where this review is going. Haha. I'll try to be coherent.I'll start by saying that i was surprised by the choice of main character in this final instalment. I was actually expecting it to be Alan or Jamie. Sin never struck me as a character that would have such an important role, so i was a bit surprised when i found out that the final book would be in her point of view. Needless to say, i'm am so happy with that decision because Sin is as equally badass as Mae so what we've been given is yet another fantastic book with a badass female protagonist. I do love badass female protagonists, you know. In my usual manner of attempting to be as spoiler free as possible, I'm just going to have to assume that my readers are at least aware of the plot points dealing with Nick. It's the only spoiler-ish thing I'm going to mention because, let's be honest, i can't really talk about this book without talking about how much i love the characters and what a certain character is.I just don't know where to start. I really don't. Alan Ryves it the man after my own heart, and Nick is everything the writer in me is obsessed with. No, but seriously, if someone could find me a guy who loves books as much as Alan does and is pretty beast with a gun and knives and stuff that would be perfect. And Nick... well, I have never had a character remind me so much of my own (it makes me happy. Because if people love Nick, then maybe they'll love Torin too. We'll see. But i digress.) Nick is perfect... for a demon... really everything about him: the sarcasm, the total lack of any real emotion, it's so perfectly written. I mean, and if those two aren't fantastic enough, Mae and Sin and Jamie. Good lord. See, i was worried that because this book was in a different person's point of view, it wouldn't be as badass. Because let's face it, The Demon's Covenant was one of the most badass books i have ever read. (let's see how many times i can use the word badass to describe this trilogy. let's just see.) I was a bit worried that because Sin is so different from Mae, that i wouldn't like it as much or that it would all fall flat. Utterly my true worry was that because this was the last book and because i love these books so much, i was worried that i would end up not liking this one. (like my poor dear unfortunate Hunger Games... :() Basically, i was terrified of this series ending in a way that disappointed me. Because in my opinion, it's the best urban fantasy i've come across (and... i'm picky when it comes to urban fantasy.) i mean, come on guys, it's about demons. Do you know how much i love books about demons? too much. that's how much. and everyone is doing fallen angels nowadays and they're cool and all but seriously... demons