Another Faust (Another, #1) - Daniel Nayeri,  Dina  Nayeri,  Katherine Kellgren OMG.So, you all should meet supergeek, the half of me who comes out when Within Temptation, Kamelot, various books, Faust, swimming, and a few other things are mentioned (yes.. yes you read that correctly.. i did say Faust.)I honestly got this book without completely knowing what it was about. I saw the cover and the title and that was enough to catch my attention because i obviously have a thing for Faust. But, you know, retellings and all can take stories to places that have absolutely nothing to do with what the story used to actually be about.So, with that said, i can say quite confidently that i enjoyed this more than most 16 year olds ever will. Why? Well besides the fact i have in fact read the play (it started as a snippet for school, but then i read the whole thing on my own time) but this obsession was then heightened to epic proportions by my favorite band, Kamelot. Because they did a loose interpretation of the story in their Epica/The Black Halo albums. (Two concept albums. two. freakin. amazing. concept. albums.) so, as those are two of my favorite albums of all time, you can definitely say the story has rubbed off on me in more ways than one.... heh... because i listen to The Black Halo obsessively... i love Kamelot.... =)So, that's pretty much the reason i could enjoy this more than the average teenager, because i already knew both the story and a loose interpretation (i definitely think the 2nd one helps because this is a very very loose interpretations. basically just playing on the themes)But enough of that. TO THE BOOK!!!I love how all the characters are introduced in the beginning, one by one, showing each ones faults (oh another reason i liked it so much. i love horribly flawed characters) and in each Vileroy makes an unnamed appearance.So by the time they're fifteen and the book truly starts, you already pretty much know the characters rather well.Each one was given a 'gift' by Madame Vileroy that they're to use to get what they want, and reach their goals, no matter who gets in the way.There's Belle & Bice (i can't do that little thing over the e...) Christian, Victoria, and Valentine, each has there own talents whether they be stealing, cheating, lying, hiding... ect. ect.The dialogue was excellent, i loved the tension between all 5 characters caused by Madame Vileroy. The setting was a little lost at times, sometimes i had no idea where the characters were at exactly. I loved the whole range of characters and of course... the story... =DReally the only thing i didn't like about the book was when there was a swim meet and it said they were going to swim a 400 meter butterfly. I swim competitively and there's no such thing as a 400 fly... there's a 100 or 200 fly... or a 400 IM... and seriously... 400 METERS??? that's the worst form of torture... (and i'm a butterflyer...) anyway though... the only thing i didn't like was completely irrelevant to the story xDI would definitely give it 10/10 stars. I really thought it was amazing.Oh and this line made me totally sqeal;""I am a friend of Faust," Bice whispered and began translating to herself until she arrived at something. Me Fausto Philos - Mephistopheles."*squeal*