The Demon's Covenant (Demon's Lexicon Trilogy)

The Demon's Covenant - Sarah Rees Brennan I'm going to attempt to write a very coherent review... But i can tell you right now that i am going to fail miserably because this was, quite possibly, one of the greatest books i have ever read in my entire life.No, i am not joking, kidding, or exaggerating.Now, maybe you all remember when i read The Demon's Lexicon i finished it incredibly conflicted about whether or not I liked it. If you recall, i spent the entire book not being able to like Nick. I just couldn't like him.Nick has become one of my favourite characters ever, and all it took was getting out of his head.Truly, the moment i started this book, it was completley different than i remember The Demon's Lexicon being. Now, granted, it HAS been a while since i read that (i actually just ordered it. i plan on rereading it as soon as possible) but i fell in love with this book from basically page one. Now, this could be due to Mae's overall badassery, but it also had to do with the fact that Nick was like a completely different character when seen from a different point of view. Because, let me explain, i ADORE the unemotional non human types (let's just say that Nick is the first character i've ever encountered that reminded me of one of my own..) but when you're inside that kind of characters head, it gets a little weird. Which must have been my initial problem with TDL. So, now, let me fangirl judiciously. I should have warned you ahead of time, but alas, here it comes. I adore everything this book chose to be. Sarah Rees Brennan has my everlasting adoration, respect, admiration, and obsessive creeper love. This book was dark, it had demons, it had magic, it had the most witty lines ever, it had me going from a whimpery ball of fangirl to laughing so hard tears were pouring from my eyes. Now, every so often i encounter a book that gets those kinds of emotions from me, but not like this. This was just bloody brilliant. Now, you all know me. Me and characters. Every single character in this book was brilliant. Mae is the most badass, determined, strong willed, totally awesome protagonist i have ever seen. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have more protagonists like her? PLEASE?! IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK!? She is, like, everything I've been looking for in a supernatural urban fantasy book. I'm so glad to have finally found her. I mean, i knew she was awesome from TDL, but i didn't realise that she was THIS awesome! Jamie, oh, Jamie. Every single thing Jamie said was totally adorable and made me giggle. He is the perfect little brother, torn between two worlds kind of character. Alan is the man after my own heart. There's a line in the book where it would be "Alan's dream to be locked in a library overnight." Oh yes, that too, is my dream. He was perfection as always, though i think he was the character that i yelled at the most. Possibly because i never knew what to expect from him. And then Nick... oh, dear, bloody Nick. Nick the demon. Nick the character that has forever changed my opinion on urban fantasy. Nick the character that has given me so much hope for my own book because he is proof that this kind of character can be done. I can't even begin to tell you my love for this character. I mean, this is a total turn around from my review of TDL because i was SO CONFLICTED after TDL. I had no idea if i liked him or not. But, let me tell you this. I LOVE HIM.The plot of this book was just perfect. Everything led up to an ending that left me in a whimpering, moaning, giggling, fangirling mess of a girl. It also left me absolutely RAVENOUS for the next (*gasp* last?! dear god no!) installment.10/10 stars. I nearly want to give it 11. I think i will. I honestly was blown away by this book. i really was, it was totally brilliant. I can honestly say that this is one of my new favourite books. The wordplay was witty and ingenious, the battles were spectacular, the character dynamics were beautiful. I just loved every little bit of it. Oh, i want the next one so badly >.<