White Cat (Curse Workers, Book 1)

White Cat - Holly Black Holly Black is known for her gripping urban fantasy stories, and when I started reading this, I was both intrigued as well as confused. Because at the beginning of the book, nothing really is explained. You're thrown all in and only slightly later is everything explained. The whole idea of workers and 'curse' magic was supremely confusing in the first three chapters, but after the story progressed things were explained in a way that led you to figure them out for yourself.In reality, the entire thing is just brilliant. Magic that works through touch and has consequences (or blowbacks as their known in the book). It's quite an intriguing concept. The fact that an entire world of lore was created behind the concept to integrate it into a modern setting was also quite brilliant. It made it a bit confusing because you have to set aside the idea that this is 'urban fantasy' and pick up more of an idea of 'alternate reality.' Because that was more what this felt like to me.I quite loved that this was about a crime family and the intrigue there (i have to note that i have spelled intrigue wrong every single time so far. It's a bit embarrassing). It's not usually an element that is used in YA novels nowadays.I loved the main character, Cassel. Usually first person point of view just bugs me to death because it makes the main character seem flat. However Cassel was definitely his own character. Even when he was being worked he still had his own identity.... and he was pretty much a genius as shown by the end. I like that.The qualms i had with the book is that it's a bit difficult to get into in the beginning.. but, i've noted that of all Holly Black books. They take some time to start, but once you catch hold of the story, you can't put it down. That's what i found happened with this book. It took me a bit to get into it, but once i had the story figured out i couldn't put it down.This was dark, it was bloody, it was confusing, it was essentially everything i love about Holly Black and her books.I'm quite looking forward to the next instalment, as the ending of this one did not satisfy me.