Devilish - Maureen Johnson SO! I know i've been terrible about updating this summer, and for that, i apologise. I've been crazy busy lately, i start college in three weeks and this whole summer has been preparing for it and such.Anyway, let's get this rolling, shall we?Maureen Johnson, can i start with her? And talk about how it's my life goal to be like her when i grow up? (except my books will be fantasy books ;) If i turn out a fraction as awesome as her, then i'll be happy. Not only is she a nerdfighter, she's probably the most entertaining person on twitter ever, and her books are all FANTASTIC.Including this one, of course, because the word 'all' tends to encompass... well... all works of a said person. Although i think there are a few i still haven't read yet (like her newest... =|) Anyway though, as our friend Goodreads so lovely put, this is a book about exchangning your soul for what you want (a bit Faust-ish, eh? You all know how i feel about Faust