The Monstrumologist

The Monstrumologist - Rick Yancey So, allow me to describe the book for you in a few choice words;Victorian, Graphic, Gothic, Bloody, Monsters.ORVICTORIANGRAPHICGOTHICBLOODYMONSTERS! I have to admit, when i started this book i honestly didn't think i was going to be able to finish. Every time i tried to read it i would get distracted and wasn't able to pay attention. I eventually pinpointed my problem to the wordiness in the first few chapters (a lot of saying the same few things in a variety of ways with a vast vocabulary...) BUT after those first few chapters (i would say when they go to the ASYLUM!) everything starts to pick up and i devoured the book in one sitting.So, yeah, it was good. It was very good. It was FANTASTIC.One thing i noticed, and loved, and was sickened by at multiple occasions - was how graphic it was. I mean, the imagery? It was fantastic. Like, if you can read this and NOT see every little thing that is happening, well, you're kind of crazy. I mean, even in the beginning when the monster (known as Anthromorphi ((i think... i don't have the book with me...))) is being dissected by the Doctor, i felt a little ill (i don't handle seeing gore well... and this was quite graphic.) But even though i felt a little nauseous at times throughout the book, i'm kind of obsessed with it... like, i don't think i've read a book so well done before (maybe because i don't read a lot of horror..)I loved all the characters, even though it was greatly lacking any kind of female character whatsoever (i want a sequel quite frankly... more monsters. i need more monsters in a gothic victorian setting.) William Henry was a wonderful main character, even though his vocabulary is a great deal vaster than any twelve year olds would be (maybe because it's written in diary form from when he's older, i think? I never really quite figured that out.) But my favourite character was definitely the Doctor, Pellinore Winthrop. He wasn't a particularly love able character. He came across as cold hearted and distant. But i loved his enthusiastic temperamental personality. He was definitely the stand out character for me.Really it was a spectacular book. Fast paced and interesting. Creepy at times and graphic quite often. I really want a sequel... like.. really badly... I don't think the story should have just stopped where it did, there should be more. It definitely redeemed itself after the slow beginning. I loved it.