Lips Touch: Three Times

Lips Touch: Three Times - So, this was my first book by Laini Taylor,( though i've picked up Blackbringer before.. just never read it) and i must say i was very impressed.I got this out from the library because i was intrigued by the cover (what can i say, i'm an artistic person. Sometimes i judge by the covers...) and when i flipped through it noticed it had artwork.O.OThat was my initial reaction. because the drawings were amazing. (again, as aforementioned, i'm pretty artistic...)Isn't it funny that we all grow up on books with pictures in them, but when we got older, when we come across a book with illustrations our reaction is frequently 'OMGZ PICTURES!!!!!"(well.... that's my reaction...) Anyway... after that soul revealing revelation about my reaction to pictures... (yes, i reacted the same way when i got Leviathan Scott Westerfeld. OMGZ. PICTURES!!)It only took me a few hours to devour this. Because that's essentially what i did. My mom told me to go do homework and i picked this up... and... well... got no homework done.......The book has three stories, in each the main theme, or pivotal moment is basically a kiss. One takes place in modern times (Goblin Market, anyone?), one takes place in India during WWI (Hell in a new way), and the third is... much harder to explain (also my favourite. I stared at the pictures for this one for hours) Goblin Fruit, the first story, is about Kizzy, a girl who lives with a rather... strange family. Kizzy is the kind of girl that would do anything to be noticed, by a boy in particular, of course. But, unfortunately for Kizzy, girls like her are exactly what goblins like to prey on most.Spicy Little Curses Such As These was the second story. It was really really good. It was about Estelle, the woman doomed to negotiate for the souls of children in hell because she failed to negotiate for the soul of her beloved when he died, and Anamique, a girl who is cursed because of one of Estelle's bargains. Her curse? Anyone who hears her voice will drop dead. Yeah. Good stuff.I have to say though, the third story, Hatchling, was by far my favourite. It as also so totally amazing that i might not be able to describe it. But it had Druj - fey like immortals who are incapable of love and can shift themselves into animal forms, and two red haired women caught in their struggles.Yes, it IS totally awesome.All three stories are amazingly detailed with spectacular characters that you grow to love, even though the stories are only a few chapters. I loved all three. Now i'm going to have to get my hands on Blackbringer.