Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson Oh, boy... Where to begin...First off, Brandon Sanderson is definitely one of my favourite authors ever. i totally fell in love with the Mistborn trilogy (Mistborn being one of my favourite books ever) and Elantris. So, i know i'm a bit behind with this review, it's been out for a while, on top of being online as a free ebook before it's release.Actually, i had this 3/4 of the way finished when my ebook got corrupted... so i waited for my library to get it (as i'm a poor broke soul who can't afford to pay for her books...) and continued to procrastinate finishing it. (yes... i know...)And, of course, i now can say that i am an idiot for procrastinating because, of course, Sanderson's done it again.This was fantastic.The thing i love, simply, love about all of his books, are that all the characters are real and complex and likeable (even the bad guys, usually. but usually there are no set bad guys, because, you know, in real life there aren't either... they always think they're doing it for the greater good... or revenge... whichever works best.) It's almost as if there are no minor characters in any of his books, because each one is so real. There's never a flat character. I could probably describe, in detail, every single character with dialogue from the book. Even the one's that i started out indifferent to (like, say, Vasher?) i ended up loving by the end.Actually there are so many elements that make this book (like all the others. lol) fantastic. I am such a huge fan of the way religion is incorporated into this book (as well as the way it is for all the others...) though, i have to say, in this aspect it wasn't my favourite (the religions in Mistborn are just jaw dropping in comparison.) but, even so, the religion in this book is pretty much the most important aspect of it. 'Returned' humans are worshipped as gods, even if they don't feel they're very 'godlike.'... Siri, the youngest daughter of the small, modest kingdom Idris is sent in her older sisters stead to marry and provide an heir for the 'god king' of the kingdom Hallandren, a colourful, ostentatious kingdom - almost the reverse of Idris. When she gets there she finds a place of harsh politics and political unrest between the gods of Hallandren.Meanwhile, her older sister, Vivenna, the one who should have been sent to marry the god king, ventures to the city in attempts to rescue her younger sister, whom she believes is hopefully in over her head.The book also follows Lightsong, the charming, witty, and totally hopeless Returned who questions the way of life of the Returned and in turn questions his own godhood.Of course, the book is much more complex. Full of inner plots and twists that make it a rich and wonderful story. The way Sanderson creates entire, completely believable worlds is so inspiring. Every book i've read that he's written has been this fantastically complex story full of politics, religion, the true nature of men, and the most ingenious magic systems ever.Which leads me to the latest amazing magic system. Though, i am completely biased and favour Mistborn's magic system above all others (there is something about Allomancy that i just adore) i have to say that BioChramatic Breaths and Colours is totally and completely ingenious. In this book, Awakeners are the ones with the magic. Except the magic is breath. Each person is born with one breath, but Awakeners can have hundreds of breaths to reach each level of Heightening (each Heightening grants a different power, such as the 1st Heightening gives a person Aura Recognition - the ability to see others breaths, and the 3rd Heightening gives perfect Colour Recognition - the ability to distinguish even the most subtle changes in shades and hues.) Awakeners can use their breaths to awaken lifeless inanimate objects to do their bidding, they can also, however, animate corpses, creating the Lifeless.Yes, it IS totally amazing.I'm just, once again, in total and complete awe with what Sanderson has created. Warbreaker definitely has earned it's place among my favourite books, (along with all of Sanderson's other books ;) because this was simply fantastic.But i have to say, once again, the one thing i can't stand about Sanderson books is the way he kills people off. You're reading and reading and suddenly BAM someone's dead and your reaction is 'wait. wha-a-a?' =)10/10 stars. Without a doubt.