Betrayals (Strange Angels)

Betrayals - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow So, i remember the review i wrote for the book previous to this one, Strange Angels, wasn't very good. Because i felt the first one fell flat.This one though... oh, this one was fantastic!I remember my big issue with Strange Angels was the dialogue... i didn't like it. But any problems i had with Strange Angels evaporated when i read Betrayals.It was so good. I devoured it. The characters were awesome, i'm in love with the setting and fantasy elements. It was just a good book. Plain and simple. Oh, and I'm totally Team Christophe. All the way. (This is me being my normal biased, i-don't-like-werewolves-much self. I just prefer the alternatives to werewolves... i don't like the alpha male type. lol) So, Betrayals picks up right after Strange Angels left off with its cliffhanger ending. And i would definitely say you should read Strange Angels first. Although Dru's thought pattern goes in circles at times, she doesn't really do a whole lot of backtracking, so it's good to be familiar with what happened (yes, this was yet another instance of where i was struggling to remember what happened during the first chapter... though it only took me one chapter to recall everything ;) And speaking of Dru's thought pattern. I loved it. Usually i have a difficult time connecting with characters in 1st person POV, but i really could connect with her. Because she had feelings, that's my issue with a lot of 1st person books, they tend to seem like they don't have real feelings. But Dru felt pain and obsessed about her father's death which is like a normal person would, and so i felt i could connect with her more than someone who, say, pondered her father's death for a while, cried about it A LOT. But then it seemed to just go away. (and yes i've read books that are like that and it confuses me...)I felt a lot of hints of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy once again. Few people use the fun words like dhampirs and nosferatu. Which, frankly, is awesome because it makes them memorable than just another vampire book.This book was just good, the action was good, the characters were good, the dialogue was good. it was all just really really good. (and that excites me. because i just put a book down after three pages because it was so painful to read. so i was very happy for a good book)I can not WAIT for the next one now! I'm way excited.