Rampant - Diana Peterfreund Ok, can i just say right now that my creative writing class has one big inside joke about unicorns??? Namely Charlie the unicorn.. but.. still... so i'm someone who likes a good humorous unicorn story.Or.. you know... KILLER unicorns. They're good too.So i have to say i was definitely not really expecting how this books played out. I was actually expecting a fantasy, you know, with a whole world and some magic n' stuff. (because books are awesome when they have magic n' stuff) But this was and urban fantasy, so it was set in our world. With that said... I go to Rome? Fight Unicorns? Yes? The story was very impressive. The unicorns (while hard to picture... because i mean... fangs? How does that work in a horse-like mouth??) were awesome. Bonegrinder, the 'domesticated' zhi ( a small unicorn about the size of a goat) was my favourite. I think there are 4 types of unicorns in the story, each building in size till the last (which i'm not attempting to spell... and the book got taken back to the library so i can't look it up *sad face* ) which is about the size of an elephant.In the story, Astrid, a direct descendant of Alexander the Great (who apparently, did NOT ride an elephant. It was a unicorn. Now you know...) is sent to Rome by her mother after a zhi attacks her boyfriend. When she gets there, she's joined by Cory, Phil (Astrid's cousin), Grace, Zelda, Valjira, Mellisende, Ursala.... and one other girl who's name i can't recall how to spell... The eight girls are then trained to became UNICORN HUNTERS.Along the way Astrid meets Giovanni, an attractive boy visiting Italy, who could jeopardize the entire thing (cause... you know.... unicorns dig virginity...) An excellent read by far. Origional story, excellent characters. Just very very very good in general. I can't wait for the next one.