North of Beautiful

North of Beautiful - Justina Chen So, usually, these kinds of books don't really appeal to me. I'll read them, enjoy them, but then forget about them.I can easily say i won't be forgetting about this one any time soon.Though it was a tad bit ironic i read this today because in my AP Lit class we were discussing a poem about superficial beauty/ inner beauty. lol.So, the story is of Terra (i love that name btw) a girl with a port-wine birthmark on the side of her face. She lives her whole life controlled by the mark (and her father) until one day she runs into (literally.. like, with her car... see i was thinking figuratively when i read the side flap but no, no it was quite literal) goth boy Jacob.I'm going to say this right now, if i ever find myself a Jacob, i will be the happiest girl alive.=)Seriously, one of my favorite things ever are when the normal kids are matched up with the 'goth' kids (though he was only goth for the first quarter of the book.. no matter... ) because frankly, us goths need to be portrayed in a kinder light once in a while.Jacob is an adopted Chinese boy who had a cleft lip (i actually know a little Chinese boy who had a cleft lip. He is the cutest thing in the world =D) so, he knows a little about what Terra goes through.Anywa-a-ay the story pivots around a few key problems; Terra's self conscious troubles dealing with her face. Terra's very controlling, condescending father, and how Terra's father treats her mother.When Terra and her mother travel to China with Jacob and his mother. They both learn how to be free from the restrictions their lives have put on them.This was just simply excellent, it was beautifully written and i truly enjoyed it. Which surprised me because.. as you can see from my last review.. i tend to lean towards the darker side when it comes to books ;)But, no, simply beautiful. I really loved it. This will definitely be one to reread sometime.