Gone (Gone Series #1)

Gone (Gone Series #1) - This book took me forever to read... =So, a friend of mine told me this was really really good and he really liked it, and, usually, i totally trust his judgment. But 3 weeks into this book and still unfinished? Well.... i was having doubts... So, i usually adore post-apocalypse/apocalyptic books, something about this one fell flat.I think it was the age range... you know, middle school kids are not that mature. It's a fact of life. Ok that's generalizing, let me rephrase, there aren't that many mature 14 year-olds in one place......Yeah i know... they're mutants, they mature faster... well still... I liked the characters though! I did! I liked Astrid and Edilio =) I didn't like that he made you like the bad guys too.... cause i didn't really want to like them... but ones name was Panda!!! What kind of heartless person names a bad guy Panda!!!?!?!?! Lol, anyway... the story was good, inventive, original (ohmigosh i love using those words!!!) i mean, it was a good story. One day everyone over the age of 15 just disappearing and the kids (some of whom have mutant-like powers) have to fend for themselves against a rivaling school and insane antagonist (who's.... 14...)?? Lord of the Flies anyone?? That's really what i was getting reminded of a lot. Lord of the Flies. Only.. you know... less weird... I think besides the age range, the only other real issue i had was the sometimes incredibly awkward dialogue. Sometimes it was really good! Others... not so much... because a lot of times the dialogue didn't stay true to the age of the kids. I mean, they're kids, they're gonna use contractions and slang. There were too many instances where someone would say something like;"But we are all out of food."um... i don't know about you... but most 14-year olds i know would say we're. So, pros and cons, the usual stuff.I will read the next one, because this wasn't a bad book. Just had some things i had problems with. Actually i'm rather curious as to what happens in the next book ;)