How to Ditch Your Fairy

How to Ditch Your Fairy - Justine Larbalestier Oh, i needed this. Especially after my last book. This was light hearted and fun and just what i needed.So, i regret to say i never finished the Magic or Madness trilogy... i can't recall why though... = ... anyway so this is technically the first thing by Justine Larbalestier that i've read.It was adorable. The story was set in this... hmm i dunno would it be a parallel world? Where kids go to school based on what they excel in (ex. the Sports school Charlie and her friends go to as opposed to the Arts school) and almost everyone has a fairy that helps them (or not) in some way.Charlie has the sad fate of being stuck with a parking fairy. Which, you know, could be cool... but she hates cars and is only 14 so she can't... well drive... so it's pretty much a fail. Especially when she's picked up and used as a parking pass for a school bully (ok.. technically not a bully.. but i dunno what else i should call him...)So, Charlie gets it in her head to get rid of her fairy... how? well don't get in cars, don't use any form of transportation, just walk. Everywhere. Well... walking everywhere gets her into a lot of trouble and she slowly (or not.. actually it's rather quick) gathers demerits. (Demerits at a sports school = bad news) So, she switches fairies with a girl who has an all-boys-like-me fairy. Yes. Panic ensues.=)My favorite aspect of this book was the slang and the language. It took me a bit to get used to it, but after i did i loved it. Watch... now i'm gonna catch my self saying 'doos' and 'injured' .... i will too... i'm not kidding.So, an adorable book. A perfect light read.