Sacred Scars (A Resurrection of Magic Series #2)

Sacred Scars (A Resurrection of Magic Series #2) - Ok, first off, this book has probably one of the best covers ever. I absolutely adore it.With that said, on top of the amazing cover (or... should i say underneath?) is a book that is totally and completely spectacular.So, i feel that fantasy has been a tad bit ignored in this sudden vampire/urban fantasy craze. So, when i find a truly good fantasy, i get way excited.This is the second book in the... hmm i'm gonna say trilogy, but don't quote me on that one. I'm not 100% sure. Like the first one Skin Hunger (which, if you've never read, go do it N O W. seriously. You will NOT be disappointed) this book is in the same style as the first, switching from Sadima to Hahp, two people living centuries apart.Now, very few authors do this which i kind of understand. I have another book done in this style and i had found that the chapters about one character dragged so all i wanted to read was the chapters about the other character.This one, though, i'm excited when it's Hahp, or Sadima. Both they're stories are so dark and heartbreaking.Another plus about this book. Very very dark (and you all know how much i love a good dark fantasy)In this one, Hahp and the other students (now whittled down to 6) continue to learn magic in attempts to destroy the school they've been sent to and kill the wizards for putting them through the torture of starvation, betrayal, and pain. (and if that alone doesn't make you want to read it... well then, you're crazy)Centuries earlier, Sadima works in the cavern that Somiss & Franklin have been forced into to go into hiding. She copies the songs and tries to plan a way to escape with the orphans that Somiss has captured. When she manages... well.... that part shocked me so much that i'm definitely not going to tell you what happened.I am now so very very excited to read the next (last?) book. Because i really really really want to know about what happens to not only Sadima and Hahp, but Franklin as well. ;) So, i'm changing my ranking system from 1-5 stars to 1-10 stars. Just cause i can better rate a book.This one definitely gets 10 stars =D