Gifted: Better Late Than Never

Gifted: Better Late Than Never - Marilyn Kaye So, the title is totally my life when it comes to books i own. lol, hey i'll read them eventually. But i don't own this so, consequently, i read it in a day.... why it works like this i'll never know...So, as with the first book, i don't quite get why these kids are in Middle school. I mean, they're kind of mature enough to be set in High school. Heck, at times they act more mature than 18 year old characters i read about.That said though, there wasn't anything really spectacular about this book. It was good, it was better than the first... but, like the first... just was... i dunno, normal... boring? There was nothing about it that really shocked me. I called every plot formation in the book. From Jenna's 'father' to Amanda's bit with Ken.Though, in the first book Amanda irritated me to death and in this one she matures enough to be slightly bearable, but still obnoxious.Really the entire story... from the class of 'gifted' kids with special powers, to the teacher who's always warning them to not let people 'exploit' their powers... it's all rather predictable.I dunno... it's a YA book... but i think it's aimed more towards 12-14 age range...I'll keep reading them... though they're nothing special.. at least they're not totally horrible.