The Kindling of GreenFyr: Book One of the Reunification Conspiracy: 1

The Kindling of Greenfyr: Book One of the Reunification Conspiracy - Mark  Freeman This book was not what i expected. I'll just be honest. It totally came out of nowhere ;)So, i won this book in Lisa Mantchev's 'tweetsulk' (haha, yeah i know) and totally didn't know what it is i was getting into.And let me just say now that the synopsis on the back is NOT an accurate telling. Which, i suppose, is a good thing as it made me incredibly curious. But when i started this the LAST thing i was expecting was an epic fantasy in the tradition of The Lord of the Rings.But, wow, that's what i got.Oh and another thing my dad pointed out, this is unedited? What? now, being me, the instant i heard that i was on the alert (i know... i'm just like that..)There was, like, two typos and a bit where a quotation mark accidentally cut through the sentence.Colour me stupefied (hee i've always wanted to say that)So, i'm totally impressed at the sheer writing of this, because, it's not a light read. 550some pages is a tad bit of a large book. So, adding that to the list of things that made this book amazing.(Sorry if this comes out completely random btw...)Though with that said, i apologize for how long it took me to read this. If i own a book i read way slower than if it's a library book (must be the deadlines...)So, with all that out of the way, i shall proceed with my review.Lord of the Rings is probably the best trilogy of all time. Hands down. You ask any fantasy geek like me and that's what they'll respond with. So, that said, there aren't a whole lot of books out there now in the true tradition of LOTR. There are some that say they are, but aren't really.Actually, the last series i read that reminded me of LOTR was the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon.The Kindling of Greenfyr had some very obvious resemblances to LOTR. From the Gandalf-life character who battles a large demon. To the Moria-esque dwarven halls and goblins in them. That's about where the similarities end though...Owen, the main character, is a boy living in Vermont, who stumbles upon a snow leopard in his woods. The cat is being chased by dogs with glowing red (red? green?... red...) eyes. He sees the cat again and during one encounter ends up removing a collar around her neck.Boom! So not expected the next part!So, enter Orla? A shape shifting Sylvan elf from the opposite realm? Yeah, totally came out of nowhere =DAfter the initial 'holy crap who are you?!' that goes on. (not quite like that... but you get what i mean) They go to Owen's house just in time to witness his parents being abducted by trolls.You know, one minute every thing's normal and the next?! Bam! You're parents are abducted by trolls!So, Owen ends up going to Orla's realm where no human has been for years (the total, go-to-bed-or-the-humans-will-get-you kind of deal) Along they way the come across Winter/the Hunter, one of the First Men, Boone a Duine Madra, one of the First Dogs, made to bond with a Maou'r, or a human, and Aiya, a Sidhe sword maiden.As well as!!! Brule, a half troll (called trollbjorn) who was originally a bounty hunter paid to kidnap Orla but joined the group when Owen saved him, and Balor a dwarf. Heh... dwarves... i like dwarves....So, quite a lovely crew, eh?I don't want to give away the entire story, cause that wouldn't be fair. But i can say that it involves more trolls, a greater deymon, Lillith the Witch Queen, and a great other cast of Villains.Seriously, who wouldn't want to read this!?There's conspiracy theories, Moria-like entrapments, epic battles.... ect.ect. (this is my trying to not just tell yo the whole book in a few paragraphs ;)In a world where all the books being published are either A) Senseless romance. (which is good in very small quantities) or B) Mundane Cliche fantasies. This was a breath of very fresh, clean air.Speaking of air! The environment descriptions, the setting and all that? It's not something i usually go into, but they were amazing in this book! It was all so vivid!The dialogue was simple at times but, really, it didn't need to be over-dramatic or overdone so it was rather perfect.=)A-a-and because it so plainly states on the cover 'Book One' that means there's going to be more! Right?! Right!? They're had better be or i will... petition or something... i don't know what i'd do but it wouldn't be good!With aaalllll of that said i shall give this book a lovely 5/5 stars =D