The Reckoning: Darkest Powers: Book 03

The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong Given that this book came out quite some time ago, and I read The Awakening equally long ago, I was a bit nervous that I would read this book and not be able to follow it because it’d been so long since I’ve read the series. Even though Kelley Armstrong doesn’t do a whole much in the way of recap, I found I was easily able to catch back up to speed with the story. This book was excellent though, within the world I do admit that I prefer Chloe’s books to Maya’s (but then it’s me choosing a necromancer over a shifter and to be honest that’s really not surprising at all). Kelley Armstrong just writes really good, solid, YA urban fantasy. Working in the Edison Group and the kids being products of research to make supernaturals even stronger is a good twist. I love that the romance isn’t too overblown. What I loved even more was that, well, Derek is a jerk for most of the series. A lot of YA heroines would take it simply because well he’s a werewolf and he’s cute. That’s obviously really freaking annoying because Derek is protective to the point of controlling and I didn’t really like him up to this point of the series. However, there is a point in this book in which Chloe tells him that how he treats her is wrong and makes him change and treat her better. Praise the YA gods for Kelley Armstrong making a good heroine. Because writing a necromancer can be a sketchy business and I really like the way Chloe’s character is handled. This was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy with just enough left unexplained to continue on in further works (I know that the last book of the Darkest Rising trilogy is where she’s bringing together Chloe’s group and Maya’s group, so that should be exciting). This is a just a great urban fantasy series overall and this book was simply fantastic.