The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray You know, I adored Libba Bray’s first historical fiction series, but was less impressed with her fiction work (though I admit Going Bovine was pretty grand) and within two paragraphs of this book I realised why. Her writing just shines better through historical fiction. This book was so grand. Like I like to think about it and it just makes me so happy because it’s a time period I love but I don’t actively read about a great deal. I’m so delighted with Evie because wow she does not make herself likeable and that is my favourite thing. (Have I made it clear yet that I adore unlikable protagonists because I doooo). After getting sent to New York for drinking too much (during the prohibition, mind) and being generally disruptive - does she change her ways at all? Well, not really.) I was a little bit worried that the slang would become overbearing (or seem fake) but it was so true to the time and integrated well that after a few pages I didn’t really notice it anymore. (Also it was pretty adorable). I really liked the general cast of characters and the rotating POVs. Memphis and Evie were probably my favourites of the narrators (though I do love Theta as well). I loved that Theta was the showgirl and Evie was the out of town girl trying to fit in and Memphis was the numbers runner from the other side of town. Jericho was less interesting to me but I think he’ll become moreso as the series progresses. The romance, too, was paced well and pretty much not too important in the scope of the book. (a+) But the plot and the magic. Oh lord. I’m so excited that this is a series because the plot within this book kind of encompasses itself except that the questions that have to do with the characters were unanswered. The whole book was so well paced. The amount of occult happenings and supernatural stuff and instances like going to speakeasies and such was a perfect balance. I loved that when it got dark it got dark fast. The whole thing was just atmospherically brilliant; from the occult museum Evie’s uncle runs to the speakeasy Memphis frequents. I also just saw The Great Gatsby so really the whole costume flash just reminded me of this book because it was so flashy and brilliant. More historical 1920s supernatural fiction please.