The Shadow Girl

The Shadow Girl - Jennifer Archer So, I won the ARC of this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaways and I was looking forward to reading it, it seemed interesting enough. And it was interesting! Until… about halfway through….It was frustrating, that was the only word I have for this book. Really frustrating. I guessed the plot twist a quarter of the way through: I looked to my roommate and said, “If she ends up being -----, I’m throwing my book out the window.” *reads 20 pages* “I’m throwing my book out the window.” So, there was no real twist at the end for me. What was the most frustrating thing, though, was the love triangle and just how bad it was. One half is the good friend Lilly grew up with, the other is the hot mysterious strange type. It’s predictable, it didn’t really resolve itself in a way that made any sense at all, and Lilly’s flip flopping drove me insane. Love triangles frustrate me already, this one just drove the plot to the background and took the foreground which was probably not good for the sake of the story. I found that I didn’t care about which boy Lilly chose because I didn’t care about either boy. I really only cared about the actual plot of the book with Iris, but even that ended up being predictable in the end. It’s unfortunate because the premise of this book seemed so good! But, once again, first person narrative made for a flat character and a love triangle bored me to tears. At least it didn’t take me very long to read.