Spell Bound (Hex Hall)

Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins This trilogy is just so good. It’s one of the first trilogies I’ve read where I’ve loved each book equally, and each book was just fantastic in its own right. They’re just so good. Like, the magic in it isn’t anything new or unusual, it’s a really standard magic system, but it’s still fantastic and it works really well for the purpose and I just love everything about this series. That said, this book picks up literally right where Demon Glass dropped off (and dropped off rather suddenly. Cliff hanger much? I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait between books.) Basically, everything has gone to hell. People who Sophie thought were friends turned out to be enemies and vice versa. Basically, I’m not going to give anything away because I love how everything turned out too much to ruin it for anyone else. Archer is brilliant, as usual. I adore how the relationship dynamics work in this book. Like, there was enough of a love triangle to say that there was a love triangle. But it was one that wasn’t mind numbingly irritating. I appreciated the fact that it was there, but the characters could all function with each other. Also, I don’t think I’ve talked about how much I love Sophie yet in any of these reviews? Because I basically adore her. Usually, a book in first person doesn’t lend itself any favours in getting me to like the main character. I’m usually drawn to them way less if the book is written in first person, because I’m having the story told to me, but I’m not really seeing the character. Not the case with Sophie Mercer. She’s just so great. She’s strong willed and cracks terrible jokes when she’s freaked out or nervous and I love how she handles the whole ‘oh btw you’re a demon’ bit. I actually love how she handles every situation.You know what else I love? Great lady friendships. Sophie and Jenna’s relationship is just the best thing and I looooove that it never gets overshadowed by her relationship with Archer. In fact there were a few moments when I was pondering how, in any other book, the main character would have probably been thinking about the potential love interest during a certain scenario. Not the case with these, like, ugh I just love how she handled the relationships in these because it was just so great. Even Elodie and Sophie was handled perfectly (yes, if you’ve read the first book you know about Elodie and what happens to her. Turns out she’s quite an important character in this book), everything, everything was just great. The only thing that’s not great is that these are over. Honestly the final climax was perfect. I really love how the ending was handled, actually the endings of each book were pretty fantastic. They were fast paced but not too much. Like, I mean I would have liked a longer conflict at the very end with more dilapidated Hex Hall and fun stuff like that, but the ending was still great (and sad yet not. Great kind of ending).It was all just perfect, that’s all I can say. I’m so happy that they exist.