Cathy's Ring: If Found, Please Call 650-266-8263

Cathy's Ring - Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, Cathy Brigg Have i ever mentioned that i completely adore these books!? i have not?! Well, let me start with saying that right now!!I liked this one way more than the second, it was funnier and the artwork was better on this one, it was more like the first.First off, Emma and Cathy are my favorite characters ever. Usually i like one of the foils more than the main narrator, especially when the books is in first person. But, i love Cathy so-o-o much!!! She's so very hilarious, i love her voice in the story. Then, of course, there's Emma, her british/chinese evil super genius best friend. Another character i absolutely adore.Denny was sweet but i wasn't a fan. I prefer Victor, which, i suppose, is a very good thing =)I love how the immortals and all that tie into the story. These books are so not cliche. And, as you all know, i love things that aren't cliche.Really what captured my attention with these, especially with the first one, was the artwork. I absolutely adore the doodles and sketches on the sides of the pages. They bring such personality to the book!So, i was quite pleased that this one took after the first and not the rather tedious second book. Is it the last? Does anyone know? i really hope not. I suppose everything was resolved in this one, but still....5/5 stars, definitely