Hate List

Hate List - Jennifer Brown I have to say, this book is powerful. I was near tears throughout most of it.Val's story of life and moving on after a tragedy is quite touching. To be honest, i know quite a few Nick's, and i can be like Val myself at times, so this was definitely a good one.The story is wonderfully written, it switched back and forth from after the tragedy and what was going on when it happened. Though, i have to admit, i didn't like the newspaper articles (but maybe you weren't supposed to... hm.. in that case... i guess it doesn't really matter)It's one of those books that are kind of hard to review because they're about very powerful events, in this case, a school shooting and the aftereffects of those impacted and even involved.It's also hard to review because, to be quite honest, i liked Nick... a whole lot... even after he shot down half the school... maybe it's because... i don't even know. I just, felt the exact same way as Val did throughout the entire book.Which, i suppose, is a very good thing, as well as a mark of excellent writing.The only part i didn't like was Jessica... i just... didn't accept her 'change' (i think it's because i'm like Val... and i don't always see the good in everyone... so i couldn't see Jessica's change as valid.)(this is hard, i must say)Really an incredibly well done story, gripping and interesting. I really really loved it. (i also read it in a single afternoon. i do love the summer)Definitely a very very good one.