Abhorsen (The Abhorsen Trilogy)

Abhorsen (The Abhorsen Trilogy, #3) - Garth Nix Well, I seem to have found my new favourite trilogy. Honestly, these are the most perfect books to me. They're basically everything I have been looking for in a YA series for a really long time. Abhorsen begins right at the end of Lirael and is the culmination of all of the build up that went on in Lirael. So, needless to say, it was very dramatic. I can't really do any form of plot summary without spoiling, as everything that occurs in this book is built up to in the previous book. So, the pacing of this book was spectacular. Actually, the pacing to the entire series has been absolutely brilliant. On top of the world building and the brilliant magic system, the pacing of the series is actually perfect. It's slower in the previous book, but it was so well done with this one. A lot of times, when an entire book is the climactic ending to a series, it can feel incredibly rushed and messy, or so chaotic that nothing really makes sense, but this was set up in such a way that everything made sense and ended in a way that was just perfect. Like, the ending was legitimately perfect. The ending was terrifying and shocking and just everything about this book was perfect. Lirael is a brilliant protagonist and this book is easily where she shines the most. (Also, if you have contentions with either Sabriel or Lirael being strong female protagonists then you and I need to have a serious discussion because you are crazy and i think current YA trends may have brainwashed you. Shhh, it's ok, come here, we can make it better.) Also her relationship with Sabriel is one that I wish we got to see more of. This book does kind of end right at the finality of the resolution (Though, I have a short story to read that apparently occurs right after the happenings in this book, so maybe I'll get a little bit of that there). I was just really worried that this book was going to succumb to the frequent fate of the final novel of a trilogy (*coughMockingjay*), when the ending comes too rushed and too messy and makes too much of an attempt to live up to the previous books and falls flat or doesn't make sense or just ends wrong. That was not the case here. The build up to the final showdown was tense and dramatic as needed, the actual final showdown itself did not disappoint (which I was a bit worried that it would. I noticed that frequently any clashes with the enemy tend to end very quickly. Nix doesn't draw anything out needlessly, including the battle scenes. They are usually just long enough to get the point across). In this case, though, the magic lined up with final showdown, everything made sense and lined up and was basically perfect. Even though it had the potential to be cliché, (they were fighting "The Destroyer") it definitely wasn't. There were a few unanswered questions (the ultimate fate of the Southerlings? Nothing was ever said. I suppose in the long run it wasn't totally relevant, but it would have been nice to know what happened to them at the end...). Though, in all honesty I preferred the ending that way. The last thing I wanted here was a happily ever after kind of ending. I actually love how Nix ends his novels (Sabriel's ending was probably one of my favourite endings to a book ever). This one was no different. It ended exactly where I wanted it to. It didn't drag out the happy feelings any more than it needed to and in reality it was quite bittersweet. Basically, though, this series has just fought a valiant battle for my favourite series ever. I mean, comparatively the writing might be a little straightforward (honestly, Nix's writing style is amazing to me. He doesn't overdue anything, he gives you exactly what you need to keep your imagination going and really no more than that), but I really adore it. I really love these books and I'm going to force literally everyone I know that hasn't read them already to read them. I am still kicking myself for not reading them when I was younger and constantly picking them up. I can't believe myself. Also, did I mention in my last review that he is currently working on Clariel which is apparently a prequel novel, as well as another Old Kingdom novel that is set not too long after the events of this series? I am really excited about that because I feel like this is a world that deserves more than just three books and I'm really glad that he's planning on expanding upon it.