The Hour of Tiamat

The Hour of Tiamat - Lisa Taylor I received this from the author to review and, let me be honest, my attention was caught by the synopsis. Now, I’m not a huge fan on end of the world/apocalyptic type stories (I’m not a huge angels/demons epic clash kind of person. I like the demons side though…) but this seemed pretty darn interesting. In the end it really was. Now, I’ll lay it out straight, I’m a bit conflicted about this. I truly enjoyed the story. Like, I really liked it. I had some issue with the point of view whiplash that I was receiving, however, that dampens my excitement just a tad. I felt like I never knew whose point of view I was reading because it changed so much. Now, I understand that there was quite a few main characters, but I’m not too big on the idea of getting inside the head of every single character. There were a few I enjoyed- most writers are against using the point of views of their antagonists (I’m… one of them, but that’s only because my antagonist knows everything, so getting in his head would be unwise…) but having the bits that were in Malaki’s point of view were my favourite. (But.. then… I am so fond of the crazies.) Then there were a few that I thought to be rather unnecessary. Out of the three antagonists, really I only needed Malaki’s point of view. Sometimes it felt like I was being handed way too much information all at once. Granted, this is a short book and there were moments where I could not comprehend that the author was able to wrap it up in so few pages, but still. Getting in the heads of three different characters all in the course of one chapter kind of makes my head want to explode. It made it so I knew the characters really fast, but almost too fast. In fact, I really wish that this was longer. It was just under 200 pages and I really wanted it to be longer. I feel like there could have been so much more. Honestly, I adored the concept. Four teens who get wrapped up in occult practices and go out to summon the Ancients, the old gods of destruction. They, of course, will be made rulers as the rest of the world burns. But then, one of them realises what they are doing and has a change of heart. He - along with a girl who stumbles upon the ritual and quickly becomes dragged in - go off to attempt to stop the release of the Ancients and save the world. Really, just the concept is ridiculously good. Then when it hit the end it was pretty fantastic. I found myself saying ‘oh that is clever!’ out loud at various times during the book. The end was basically the best part, it was really clever how everything wrapped up, especially as it wasn’t in as nearly as many pages as I figured it would have to be. (But… then …. I’m pretty long winded… the very idea of writing a book under 200 pages is a bizarre concept to me… look even now I’m rambling!) I loved the cast of characters: Celicia, Tara, Malaki, and Tristan - the four who started everything with the ancient ritual. Evelyn, the girl who was dragged into the mess by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hunter, the guy who works at the occult shop and ends up trying to help Tristan and Evelyn save the world, and a few other characters who I won’t really talk about because it would be spoilery ;). All of the characters were distinct in their personalities. Malaki was my favourite *cough* I just… really like crazy characters… 6/10 stars. The concept was really cool. I feel like it needed one more edit through because there were a few different easily fixable grammar errors that I caught. Aside from the whiplash, I really enjoyed this book. A nice read, a fast read. It was good!