ArchEnemy (Looking Glass Wars Series #3)

ArchEnemy - Frank Beddor This book makes me so incredibly happy i can't even begin to tell you. But i can try =)Now, Alice in Wonderland the original story, is one of my favourite books ever. I love it. So much that i did a research paper on it. What i also love are the imaginative retellings of the story.The Looking Glass Wars are some of my favourite books ever. Simply packed with sci-fi, fantasy awesomeness.Though, i must say, that it takes a great deal of imagination to follow these books. Frank Beddor follows in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and creates complete and utter nonsense creations that you have to have an avid imagination to follow.In this book (which i'm pretty sure is the third and final book in the trilogy *sad face*) The Heart Crystal has been broken and land's imagination powers have been lost. The land is divided into three factions, those for the White imagination and queen Alyss Heart, those for the Black imagination and Redd Heart, and those from Borderland and their king Arch.After losing their imaginative powers, both Alyss and her less-than-sweet aunt Redd are both at the mercy of the scheming Arch, who with no imaginative powers to begin with, is at no loss. The two must form a tentative alliance to regain the Heart Crystal and their powers back.These books are just so good. There's so much to love about these books, whether it's the strong warrior queen, Alyss Heart, to the Milliner with a hat of blades, Hatter Madigan. All the classic characters have been reborn. The caterpillars are powerful oracles. The Red Queen is the evil Redd Heart. The Walrus is the sweet and lovable, bumbling walrus butler. Tweedledee and Tweedledum are the General Dopleganger who can split himself in two, or four, or eight...The books are just so complex and imaginative. Meshing our world with an alternate Wonderland where things are much more violent and much more explosive ;)I love these books and this was a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy. (Though i hope so very hard that the series will continue on... there was a little room for another book... *ever hopeful*) Fantastic book.