Liar - Justine Larbalestier I have to say I'm a fan of unreliable narrators. My own book is in the point of view of someone completely unreliable (but she doesn't lie.. she just leaves out stuff..)So, this book is in Micah's point of view, a compulsive liar. Throughout the book you'll get a clear picture in your head and suddenly she'll say 'ok, i was lying'and then you have to start over.Totally awesome.As well as completely irritating xDI mean, it was a really good book. Will i remember it? Probably... but mostly for the fact that every time i thought i knew what was happening... it turned out that actually i didn't..*headdesk*The story, at first, is that Micah's 'after hours' boyfriend, Zach is killed and she is partly suspected for having a part in his death because no one even knew that she and him were even friends. Micah isn't a girl that is particularly liked so she's an easy target... or not.. Micah has a 'family illness' that she hides fairly... err.. well.(This is difficult....)A very hard book to review because the story changes so much...So! That said, you'll probably have to end up reading it yourself. By the end i honestly had no idea if the story was "true" or not. If Micah was telling the truth at all or not. Because the story just got weirder and weirder and weirder.