The Dust of 100 Dogs

The Dust of 100 Dogs - A.S. King I have a great deal to say about this book. A great deal. First off, i am totally and completely in love with the cover of this book. Omg. It rocks my world.So, [this is where the review begins:] I've been incredibly spoiled by the Bloody Jack series in the way of female pirate books. And i realised that when reading this book.I really really liked this book, the first, mmmmm, half i'd say was freakin' phenomenal. But the second half, well, it could have been better.Now, why have i been spoiled??? Well, let's just say that in the bloody jack books, everything referring to a ship is spot on.Not so much here... actually she kind of skipped over real ship lore.It just seemed... very very rushed in the long run.The other thing i didn't like [this is the last i promise, then i get to what i liked. and i liked a lot:] was the point of view switches and the fact that sometimes, something would be said that the character... shouldn't know... because of the point of view and narrative.Actually, this needed to have a sequel. This would have worked so much better as more than one book, because in this format the amazingly original story line was a tad bit lost.But enough of that! On to what i liked!The concept was freakin' epic! I mean, come on, a pirate who's cursed to live the lives of 100 dogs then returns as a modern teenager???? Very very cool.Now, something i didn't catch until later was that Saffron and Emer are not the same person. *Keep this in mind while reading as it makes the book a lot better* See i thought they were, which led to much confusion on my part.Saffron is the modern girl who is born with all of Emer's memories. And her drive to return to the place she died and recover her treasure.What makes them similar though, is Saffron's quirk for torturing people in her mind [*hee* i love.:]Now, i have to say i didn't enjoy the chapters in Fred Livingstone's point of view [let's just say he's the pervish old man who played an important role in Emer's life. And Saffron's:]My final judgment about this book, though, is that it was really good. But it could have been freakin' spec-tacular! If it had just been longer. It needed to be longer. There wasn't enough conclusion for me... i didn't understand how Emer was suddenly *gone* and yet Emer is suddenly *back* right at the last page....With that said though, i would really read this book if you want a completely new look on a pirate tale.