Strange Angels

Strange Angels - St. Crow,  Lili All right, i've wanted to read this ever since i saw it at the bookstore, and it was good. But had a lot of pros and cons...So, i'll start with the cons.. or well, i'll do both at once... It was very fast paced but at times... too much.. it was like 'oh look.. something else came crashing through the door... how shocking....'The other thing i had a problem with was that the dialogue consisted of 'Holy shit' & 'Jesus'.......A little bit too much... Those were really the only things i had issues with however, i really did like the book.I noticed in the acknowledgments she had a lot to say to Richelle Mead (who's books i adore ;) and honestly i was getting major hints of Mead's Vampire Academy. So that was pretty cool as she did her own twist on the vampires thing.And about the dialogue, that might be a bit harsh, i mean, it wasn't awkward or stiff, it was actually really well done!! I just could have done without that much language on every page... i mean... if i want to read that every other sentence then i can read a Marla Mason book... i just like my YA books to a tiny bit less profane...oh gosh now i sound like a prude.... what i'm trying to say is that..... *sigh* do you get my point? or am i being completely incoherent? All right, back on topic, back to what made this book actually amazing.Dru. A hard, edgy character, but lovable too because she's not rock hard and untouchable. I really liked her personality.Graves. He was awesome... though i think too much time was spent on how he was 'potentially' good looking. He was a very sweet, loyal character though...Christophe.... ok... i like him better than Graves... i know, i know... he reminded me a little bit of Jace from City of Bones.... i like those bang out of nowhere sexy characters xDSo this was a good, fast paced urban fantasy about a girl who's told essentially nothing about herself and her family. I really did enjoy it. I look forward to the next ;)7/10 stars